The IndoGenius Express

IndoGenius has always preferred to use India as a classroom, giving participants action-packed experiences that involve them in various aspects of Indian culture and society. We are thrilled to announce that our classroom is about to get even bigger in Fall 2016 with the IndoGenius Express!

The IndoGenius Express is a two-week programme in which an entire Indian passenger train will serve not only as a mode of transport, but also as a multi-disciplinary discussion forum, innovation lab and melting pot for people of different cultures, ages, backgrounds and interests. The theme of the programme is “using technology to solve global problems together” and there will be dedicated train cars for a variety of topics including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Sustainable energy
  • Employment
  • And more!

During our site visits and guest lectures you’ll learn first hand about some of most exciting ideas and innovations being implemented in India today.

IndoGenius’ philosophy takes inspiration from the belief expressed in India’s Rig Veda that “good ideas should come from everywhere, from all over the world”. The IndoGenius Express will include such diversity of thought and experience by bringing together bright young minds from India and around the world in each of the train coaches.

Together, you will have the opportunity to discuss a variety of global grand challenges and analyse programme experiences, which often demonstrate how factors such as geography, culture, resources and more make defining and solving these global challenges a different scenario for different communities. You will also get a chance to assess various approaches to global challenges encountered on the programme and even discover new solutions. We want you to share your ideas and make lifelong friends with whom you can continue to partner after the programme in both thinking and acting toward a better world.

As a group, we will be thinking not only about specific domains in which technological innovation can improve lives. We will also be thinking about and actively discussing what is possibly the biggest question of our time: What is it to be human in an age of accelerating technology, and global inequality?

Are ready to:

  • Experience India’s incredible geographic and cultural diversity?
  • Work with others to develop appropriate, actionable and sustainable approaches to global challenges?
  • Visit sites where innovative approaches are changing the ways in which people think about global problems?
  • Meet people in India who are both impacted by global problems and taking part in their solutions, from grassroots to government levels?
  • Attend talks from and spend time with top academics, organization leaders and other professionals with experience in innovation, public services and social change?
  • Take part in special sessions that introduce multiple perspectives on your experiences while also engaging you with a diverse range of people interested in the same topics that you are?
  • Observe and take part in cultural activities reflecting a range of long-standing performing arts traditions as well as modern trends?
  • Grow academically, professionally and personally by interacting with a large and diverse cohort composed of people of different cultures, ages, backgrounds and interests?
  • Expand your understanding of the world, your role in it and how you can help make it a better place?

If you have answered yes to these questions, sign up now to receive information on this exciting new programme! This journey of a lifetime is open to anyone in the world over the age of 18.

There will be a competitive selection process to earn your place on our train and at least 20% of participants will be awarded scholarships and financial aid.

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