Applications are now open for the Australian Government’s largest funded program to India. With 80 NCP funded places available there has never been a better opportunity for you to visit India on an expert-led professionally organised program.

Experiencing the most diverse place on earth has always been exciting and a privilege. With India now the fastest growing major economy in the world – knowing more about this extraordinary country is also increasingly relevant to your career.


Applications are now open for the Australian Government’s largest funded program to India. With 80 NCP funded places available there has never been a better opportunity for you to visit India on an expert-led professionally organised program.

Experiencing the most diverse place on earth has always been exciting and a privilege. With India now the fastest growing major economy in the world – knowing more about this extraordinary country is also increasingly relevant to your career.

Reimagining India Consortium Members

Images from the Reimagining India Program (February 2017)

Indicative Itinerary

  • Day Zero: Welcome to India (Arrivals in Mumbai)

    Team IndoGenius meets you at Mumbai International Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji) and brings you to the hotel accommodation.

  • Day One: Introducing Maximum City (Mumbai)

    Get introduced to the commercial and entertainment capital of India, also known as Maximum City, with expert talk and panel discussion on topics like cricket and Bollywood, an immersive neighborhood challenge that gets you engaged with locals, a visit to a local school and more!

  • Day Two: The Australia-India Relationship (Mumbai)

    Get an insider’s view of international business in India by meeting local professionals via visits to the Reserve Bank of India (equivalent of the Reserve Bank of Australia), Austrade and Australian businesses working in India. Enjoy a special dinner to which business professionals are invited for more one on one time!

  • Day Three: Economic Transformation in the 21st Century (Mumbai)

    This day explores economic interconnectivity: between the world and India; Mumbai and the rest of India; and within the city itself. This includes an insider’s perspective Asia’s largest slum area – Dharavi and its export led industries. The day finishes with an interactive discussion with Dharavi workers and residents.

  • Day Four: Technology and Innovation (Mumbai)

    Learn about exciting new innovations coming from India, including 3D printing technologies and student-run startups. Visit IIT Bombay, one of India’s most prestigious institutions, to meet students and learn about their entrepreneurial businesses and ideas.

  • Day Five: Reflection Workshops (Mumbai)

    Join peers and locals for a final discussion panel/reflection session on Mumbai. Before taking the overnight train to Delhi in the afternoon, also enjoy some free time for shopping or packing. 

  • Day Six: Welcome to the City of Empires (Delhi)

    Take part in a Delhi neighborhood challenge that gets you talking to locals, participate in a Hindu ceremony at a local temple and meet Delhi residents for an evening discussion panel session.

  • Day Seven: India's Glorious Past (Agra)

    Learn about the Mughal empire in India as we visit the Red Fort at Agra and include a Bollywood dance class featuring songs from movies set in the Mughal era.

  • Day Eight: Conserving the Environment and History (Agra. incl. Taj Mahal)

    Examine issues surrounding conflict between economy and conservation in India as we visit the Taj Mahal, which is susceptible to a number of environmental threats due to tourism and Wildlife SOS, and organization that works to rescue and rehabilitate mistreated performing animals.

  • Day Nine: Rural Realities (Outside Agra)

    Visit the mid-day meal program at a local village school outside of Agra and learn about an organization using innovation to keep children both nutritiously fed and in school. Spend some time among the sacred sites of Vrindavan, a medieval town that has devotional worship at its centre. Meet local religious leaders and devotees to learn more about the way of life and different concepts behind devotional practices

  • Day Ten: For Startups to MNCs: Business in India (Gurgaon)

    Get an overview of the Indian market and how different companies are serving it. Visit a startup incubator helping new businesses get off the ground and a successful Indian startup. Then visit companies catering to India’s rural and urban populations. The day finishes off with a special dinner and cultural performance.

  • Day Eleven: Meet Your Peers (Delhi University)

    Visit one of India’s top colleges for a day of debate and interaction including special lectures, an Australia-India cricket match and shopping with new friends.

  • Day Twelve: Religious Plurality (Delhi)

    Visit historic places of worship connected to Islam, Sikhism, Sufism and Baha’i to meet adherents, understand the history of various religions in India and get insight into the influences of religion on contemporary Indian society.

  • Day Thirteen: Politics in India (Delhi)

    Learn about Indian national politics with a visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan (Home to the President of India) and Lutyen’s Delhi as well as a visit to Gandhi Smriti, a museum commemorating the assassination of Mohandas K. Gandhi. After some time for packing up, the program finishes with a final Indian celebration!

  • Day Fourteen: Putting the Learning into Practice (Delhi)

    Take one final morning class in Hindi, Bollywood or yoga (as offered daily throughout the program) and our final reflection and feedback session. Tips on how to use the experience in your studies and career.

Application Process and Deadlines

Apply online

First Round of Applications Open Now until Midnight AEST 1st November: Apply to secure a place by clicking the “Apply Here” button, next to this section or at the top of the page.

Apply online

Final Round of Applications Open Now until Midnight AEST 2nd November: Apply to secure a place by clicking the “Apply Here” button, next to this section or at the top of the page.

Pre-Departure Preparation

1st January: Apply for your Indian visa and prepare to participate by taking part in participant groups on social media, attending a pre-departure webinar and reading through the program website and official handbook.

Reimagining India Program 2017

3rd-17th February 2018: Join us in India for an unforgettable two weeks of learning, connecting and getting to know India!

Applications close in...


About IndoGenius

IndoGenius is the leading providing of experiential learning programs in India, including two Reimagining India programs supported y the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan. Over 1000 students, entrepreneurs and young professionals from 21 countries have successfully completed a program with us since 2012. IndoGenius has the experience and expertise to design/deliver or help facilitate a full range of experiential learning programming in India. Our exciting experiential learning itineraries, dedication to educational outcomes, attention to detail and thorough risk management practices have made us a preferred provider in India for students and institutions alike.

Some highlights of our work include:

  • Running the U.S. Department of State’s Passport to India initiative with The Ohio State University
  • Delivery partner for the British Council Generation UK-India Cultural Immersions and UKIERI Study India
  • Consortium Member and Task Leader of the European Commission backed INDIGO POLICY

You can also visit our YouTube channel, where you will find brief films documenting our programs as well as the trailer for the Massive Open Online Course we have produced as part of the U.S. State Department’s Passport to India initiative and even a feature segment on IndoGenius that aired on India’s Lok Sabha Television!

Some IndoGenius Fast Facts:

  • Founded in 2010, IndoGenius has hosted over 900 students to date on cultural immersion programs to India
  • Our group sizes have ranged from 12 to 150 students and we have managed more than one group simultaneously
  • We are known for our exciting experiential learning itineraries, dedication to educational outcomes, attention to detail and thorough risk management practices
  • 94% of our program alumni have rated us as “excellent”
  • Over 90% of our alumni would return to study, work or start up in India
  • Our team has experience in over 150 locations in India and has the contacts and resources to create a wide-range of experiential learning programming
  • How much does the program cost?

    The program fee is AUS$3250.

    Australian students are also eligible to receive OS HELP assistance to cover all or part of their costs.

  • What does the program fee cover?

    • Airport pick-up in Mumbai and drop-off in Delhi
    • 3 to 4-star accommodation on twin/triple sharing basis
    • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) including special events and packed lunches when required
    • All the water you can drink
    • Air conditioned transport
    • Pre-departure support
    • Orientation program
    • Welcome pack with fun and useful items
    • Maps of local neighborhoods and emergency contact cards
    • Indian SIM card which work in unlocked phones
    • Key information cards packet for quick reference regarding program activities and events
    • Participant welfare staff with the group 24/7
    • Team IndoGenius program facilitation and coordination throughout
    • Excursions to sites of political, cultural, religious and historic importance including entry fees
    • Cultural performances and events
    • Immersive challenges
    • Group social events
    • Expert lectures and talks
    • Facilitated peer interactions
    • NGO, corporate and educational institution visits
    • Final workshop to identify, highlight and continue your India learning
    • IndoGenius Alumni group on LinkedIn and for networking, job postings and more
    • Program completion certificate documenting your learning hours
  • What costs and expenses are not included in the program fees?

    The AUS$ 3250 program fee does not cover the following:

    • International Airfare to/from the program start and end locations
    • Indian visa ($65)
    • Traveler’s medical insurance
    • Medical expenses including any vaccinations needed prior to the program
    • Food outside of that arranged by Team IndoGenius*
    • Room service, laundry, chargeable internet and communications and other charge to room expenses 

    * IndoGenius includes 3 meals a day and often snacks as well! Extra food is seldom necessary, but you may want to go out for a meal when afforded the time to do so.

  • What is the New Colombo Plan?

    Many of our students have received scholarships from the Australian Government. However, applications for this funding are closed.

    All scholarship places have been taken for the November 2017 program.

    The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a scholarship program funded through the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. NCP offers funding for undergraduate study experiences in 38 different Indo-Pacific locations, including India. The NCP’s strategic objectives are as follows:

      • Lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by increasing the number of Australian undergraduate students undertaking study and Internships in the region
      • Deepen Australia’s people-to-people and institutional relationships with the region, through the engagement of students, universities, businesses and other stakeholder networks in the Program
      • Establish study in the Indo-Pacific as a rite of passage for Australian undergraduate students, and as an endeavour that is highly valued by the Australian community, and
      • Increase the number of work-ready Australian graduates with regional experience.
      • Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade NCP Scholarship Program Guidelines

    Reimagining India is designed to accomplish these objectives and more.

    For more information, you may visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade webpage for the New Colombo Plan.

  • What are the eligibility requirements for the New Colombo Plan funding?

    In order to be eligible to apply for NCP funding for this program, you must be an undergraduate student with Australian Citizenship, and be enrolled at one of the following Reimagining India consortium institutions in Australia:

    • Central Queensland University
    • University of Queensland
    • University of Technology Sydney
    • University of Newcastle Australia
    • Queensland University of Technology
    • University of New South Wales Australia
    • University of New England
    • La Trobe University Australia
    • University of Adelaide
    • Griffith University
    • RMIT University

    Students from other institutions can apply and pay the AUS$3250 fee and will be eligible for OS-HELP funding.

  • Where in India will the program take place?

    Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Vrindavan and Agra. More information on these locations as well as suggested pre-program viewing and reading will be available in the official program handbook issued to you after acceptance of your place on the program.

  • Will I need to get a passport or visa for the program?

    Yes. You must have a passport valid for at least 30 days beyond the end of the program (i.e. valid until at least 26 March 2017). You must also get an Indian tourist visa, which it is recommended you obtain via the e-visa process. You will not need to take any action regarding your Indian visa until you have been awarded a place on the program.

  • Should I be worried about getting sick in India? What precautions can I take before coming?

    All program participants need to speak to their general care practitioner about their upcoming travel to India and get any necessary vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control offers general travel health and vaccination information for India. While the vast majority of program participants do not get sick, there are some students who experience travellers’ diarrhea. The areas you will be visiting are not considered risk areas for malaria and the season during which you will be traveling is not one during which malaria and other water borne diseases are commonly transmitted.

    The program handbook will include further information about travel health, including how to prepare your body for the transition to India. While on the program, there will be an IndoGenius student welfare in-charge available to participants 24/7.

  • Is India safe? What safety concerns should I bear in mind?

    While all travel includes a certain degree of risk, many of these risks are manageable. Overall, India is quite safe. Most incidents can be avoided by undertaking precautions. IndoGenius screens all accommodations, venues and partners and implements a rigorous risk assessment process. Furthermore, in the program handbook and program orientations we coach you on how to stay safe and avoid risky places or behaviours.

    Please read the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller site for more information on visiting India.

  • What will I need to pack? Will I need to make any special purchases for my time in India?

    We will provide detailed packing advice in the program handbook along with an itinerary indicating suggested/appropriate dress for each activity.

    In terms of non-clothing items, we generally suggest that you bring the following. All of the items on this list (perhaps aside from favorite toiletries and the granola/cereal bars) can be purchased in India. However, your time for shopping will be limited.

    • Power adapters – The electric current in India is 220/ 250 volts and 50 cycles. It is AC practically everywhere. Check when you buy an adapter that it is compatible for India – where the power points are built for round pins. You could buy this before arriving in India, else purchase it in Mumbai where it is guaranteed to be cheaper

    • Sunglasses and Sunhat, scarf for covering head

    • Water bottle

    • Sun Block

    • Umbrella for shade as well as rain protection

    • Personal basic medical kit

    • Cereal bars/energy bars

    • Wet wipes

    • Alcohol hand-rub/hand sanitizer

    • Torch/flashlight

    • Packets of tissues (not all lavatories will have paper)

    • Small padlock with keys or combination padlock

    • Money belt or pouch for passport, travellers’ cheques etc.

    • Plastic bags that seal for electronics, earplugs, etc. as well as for packing out garbage

    • Small tote or backpack to carry snacks and a book while on long coach rides – this is also goof for carrying any items you may be gifted or purchase while on program outings

    • Eye mask and ear plugs if you are disturbed easily by light and noise when sleeping

  • How much time is there for shopping and personal time on the program?

    Throughout the two-week program, there will be one to three days with brief (1-3 hour) time slots provided for shopping. The program is meant to give you the maximum amount of knowledge, tools and resources for taking your learning and exploration forward. Therefore, there is no time included in the program for personal outings or trips. Furthermore, the program code of conduct prohibits participants from having friends or family visit them while on the program. Personal visits and travels are expected to take place before or after the program only.

  • What kind of accommodations will I stay in?

    Program hotels are hand selected by Team IndoGenius for their exceptional locations, comfort, hygiene and hospitality. Most hotels are long-standing, family-run operations. Program participants typically stay in shared rooms with twin or triple occupancy.

    Hotels provide towels and soaps/shampoos. Some hotels also provide toothpaste. You will want to bring your own favorite toiletries as not all brands are available in India.

  • What will be expected of me during the program?

    All program participants are expected to attend and actively engage in all program related sessions to ensure maximum growth and learning for everyone.

    Short-term programs, out of necessity, are time intensive, leaving very little time for independent exploration that is not structured as a learning activity within the program. Activities aside from those scheduled on the program and travel to other destinations in India are to be reserved for either prior to or following the program.

    As participant safety is always our number one concern, we also require all participants to follow the IndoGenius code of conduct. The code of conduct is a document of common sense rules regarding attendance and participation, safety and maintenance of good relations with program staff, contributors and fellow participants and can be accessed here.

    Also, owing to the diversity of participants, our short term programs cover basic as well as more advanced material – it is up to participants to identify areas for personal learning and growth at every level when engaging in on-site activities, where local high profile session facilitators, IndoGenius program experts and IndoGenius team are ready to help you pursue specific questions and conversations.

    Finally, we intentionally include a broad range of ideas and opinions in our program activities and events. There will inevitably be some ideas presented with which you do not agree. We ask that you try to look at the foundations of those ideas and attempt to understand what circumstances and assumptions might lead a person to accept and even advocate said ideas. Keeping these possible explanations in mind, take the ideas in the context of all else that you see, learn and do on the program and then make a balanced final call, remaining respectful in your moments of disagreement or disbelief. This exercise is referred to as “suspending judgment” and is often considered a vital part of successful cultural immersion.

Over 1,000 students and entrepreneurs have completed a program with us