Our work in research and strategy

The European Commission, as well as UK, US and Indian government agencies, have commissioned IndoGenius to conduct original research and analysis.

IndoGenius’ research experience extends most specifically to research and higher education in India and international science, technology and innovation collaboration with India. Such research projects have involved policy and literature analysis, survey design and distribution, as well as interviewing.

They have also fostered networking amongst the Indian university, business, and ST&I communities. Current and recent projects include INDIGO Policy, the India SI House, and a report on “the future of Indian higher education”and its impact on research and innovation.”


Indigo Policy

IndoGenius is currently a consortium member of INDIGO Policy, an EU FP7 project funded by the European Commission supporting the advancement of policy cooperation between India and Europe in Research and Innovation.

Europe and India are key global actors in research and innovation. With the European “Innovation Union” and the Indian “Decade of Innovation“, the strategies in Europe and India are converging for achieving the challenges of inclusive as well as sustainable and affordable innovation, building future competitiveness, economic growth as well as finding solutions to growing societal challenges.

Consortium Members

Passport to India

With Ohio State University as our partner, we hope to inspire greater numbers of young Americans to come to understand India’s cultural, historic and economic importance in global affairs. Through advocacy, fundraising, and the creation of digital learning resources, we are working to encourage more young Americans to consider the relevance of India to their studies, lives and future careers.

For more information, please visit the project website: Passport to India

See here for the U.S. Department of State website: U.S. State Department

EU-India STI Platform

Launched in 2013 by New Indigo, CNRS and IndoGenius now manage the EU-India STI Platform. It serves as a forum for currently over twenty European research organizations, universities, EU initiatives and private companies represented in India to network and collaborate with their Indian counterparts in a more coordinated and cohesive way.

This environment allows stakeholders to share knowledge, experience and expertise, while reinforcing the visibility of the European Union in India.

US-India Partnerships

In recognition of a need to equip U.S. and Indian institutions with resources and strategies for creating and sustaining partnerships, the U.S. Department of State has established a multi-platform project, the Five Step Guide to Creating U.S.-Indian Partnerships.Five Step Guide to Creating U.S.-Indian Partnerships online platform will empower more institutions in both the U.S. and India to directly address these issues by offering:

  • Clear, straightforward advice
  • Examples from pre-existing partnerships
  • A members’only discussion forum
  • A matchmaking tool allowing institutions to seek collaborations using specific criteria, such as type of partnership sought, academic discipline, campus population, location and more.

For more information, please visit the project website  – US India University Partners

Please download the project brochure: The 5 Step Guide to US-India Partnerships

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