IndoGenius Summer 2016 Immersions


Join 943 Students from the UK, US, EU and Australia who have completed our India Immersions since 2012

This Summer we are offering you the opportunity to join us on one of three, week-long Study India Immersions. Study India is our flagship immersive introduction to the importance of India, covering the cities of Delhi, Gurgaon, and Agra.

Study India 2016 participants have the option to join one of three additional thematic immersions. These are Urban India in Mumbai, Digital India in Bangalore and Mysore, and Make in India in Udaipur, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai.

Since 2012, IndoGenius have been delivering the UKIERI Study India Programme and British Council’s Generation UK-India Cultural Immersions and a number of faculty-led programs for universities from around the world. We also run the U.S. Department of State’s Passport to India initiative with The Ohio State University.

Study India 2016 Immersion dates:

  • – SI1: 25th June to 2nd July – ENROLLMENT CLOSED
  • – SI2: 9th July to 16th July – ENROLLMENT CLOSED
  • – SI3: 30th July to 6th August – ENROLLMENT CLOSED
NOTE: These dates include arrival and departure days.
With the option to add any of the additional thematic second weeks:
  • – Urban India: Mumbai (2nd July to 9th July) – ENROLLMENT CLOSED
  • – Digital India: Bangalore & Mysore (16th July to 23rd July) – ENROLLMENT CLOSED
  • – Make in India: Delhi, Udaipur, Ahmedabad & Mumbai (6th August to 13th August) – ENROLLMENT CLOSED
NOTE: These dates include arrival and departure days.

On all our programs you will interact with…

  • – Your Indian Peers – meet students from Indian universities
  • – Practitioners & Adherents from Hindu, Sikh and Muslim faiths
  • – Indian Professionals from corporates, NGOs and startups
  • – Expats who can share what it is like to live and work in India
  • – Fellow participants who might end becoming travel buddies during the rest of your time in India and even life-long friends!


Through unparalleled access to…

  • – Institutions like colleges and schools in urban and rural India
  • – Corporate and NGO offices
  • – Experts and guest speakers from a variety of professions and backgrounds
  • – Cultural and historical places of national importance



  • – A better understanding of India’s historical, economic, political and social context
  • – Knowledge of India’s relevance to you – personally and professionally
  • – Preparation for future travel in India
  • – Internship and career advice (if desired)
  • – New direction for dissertations and other projects
  • – Experience that will help your CV stand-out from the crowd


Bridging online and in-country immersive education:

The IndoGenius Study India 2016 Immersions are led by our co-founder Nick Booker. If you need any convincing why it is so important to learn more about India watch this short video. It’s the trailer for the forthcoming Coursera MOOC we are teaching for the U.S. Department of State Passport to India initiative.

Why India? Why Now?

There has never been a better time to learn about India, in India.

India is the world’s fastest growing major economy and startup ecosystem. Already the world’s largest democracy, it is soon to be the world’s most populous and youngest country. It is also the most diverse place on earth and an ancient civilization at the heart of any global challenge facing the world today. Our non-stop immersions frequently start between 5am and 7am carrying on until the evening! With a range of cultural outings, talks, special events and guided activities we give you opportunities to learn more about India in a week then most people manage in months.

IndoGenius Immersions are unique – with India’s streets, villages, laboratories and board rooms serving as the “classroom” and offering firsthand experience of Indian perspectives that cannot be accessed via travel guided solely by Lonely Planet!


Why us?

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