Re-Imagining India 2017

Join us for two weeks of experiential learning in the world’s fastest growing economy and most diverse place on earth. Benefit from expert-led introductions to Indian culture, politics, entrepreneurship, innovation, history, economics and business.

Come away with:

*First-hand knowledge of contemporary India

*21st century skills sought by top institutions and employers

*Connections with India’s academic and business communities

*New friends from across Australia and India

 For more information visit the Reimagining India 2017 program page. 


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Program Description

Discover contemporary India’s growing political and economic role on the world stage at sites ranging from diplomatic enclaves, yoga studios and 3D printing workshops to agricultural villages, performing arts venues and slum recycling centers. We partner with esteemed authors, analysts, academics and students at leading institutions to re-imagine the global face of India

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