Opportunity in India

India is one of the most diverse places on earth and offers a unique opportunity to view problems from multiple perspectives, gaining 21st-century skills along the way. At the forefront of global economic growth and startup entrepreneurship, new ideas are constantly coming to life in India; some of these ideas directly address global challenges affecting us all.

There are several opportunities for young people connect with India academically and professionally. RMIT student, Alisha Dixon explains how.

Examples of innovation in business and education

The companies we had the opportunity to visit during the program were more innovative than I ever could have imagined. One that stood out was Infosys, a consulting and IT service company that has generated over 12 billion dollars in revenue. Infosys emphasise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in their policies and practices including community involvement such as education and healthcare, environmental contribution and conservation of energy, product contribution and rural development. Visiting a company that places such a significant focus on CSR has taught me that by I can contribute to society through my studies of business and career in the industry.

We also saw a glimpse of India’s future during our visit to Manipal University in Jaipur. Manipal displayed a learning technique that requires sufficient practical implementation. There were ample resources at the students’ fingertips, along with design rooms which were very hands on, and we saw students even developing their own apps from scratch. At Manipal University the students were encouraged to design, innovate and create actual products which are providing them with an education very diverse to our own in Australia.

How India serves as an inspiration and catalyst

As a marketing student, I found it fascinating to see the contrast between the way businesses market themselves in Australia and the approaches they take in India. We visited Nicobar a trendy, creative and intriguing fashion label where culture and commerce intersect. Using forums such as Instagram and their NicoJournal, Nicobar finds a unique way to market stylish products to their desired consumer. After I complete my studies, I plan to pursue employment in marketing for the fashion industry. I am grateful that this program has opened my eyes up to amazing companies such as Nicobar, in which I one day hope to work for.

It is difficult to narrow down into minimal words the ideas and information which I gained throughout the program. Each and every day was filled with new and fascinating topics. Visiting Zomato in Gurgaon and Barcley’s RISE Start-Up Incubato in Mumbai has given me the inspiration to create the app in which I have been brainstorming for a while. Being provided with the opportunities offered on this program such as these allowed me to acquire knowledge and generate new ideas, which will help me for a lifetime to come.

Being on the Reimagining India Program has been an experience of a lifetime in which has opened my mind up to a large-scale diverse country, that is filled with innovation, opportunity and ongoing growth. I firmly believe this experience will kickstart my career in tech. India is a place in which I had never even imagined visiting, after attending this program, I cannot wait to go back.