Our Purpose

IndoGenius assists universities, businesses, NGOs and government agencies from around the world interact with India. We have worked with dozens of European, American and Australian institutions and their Indian counterparts. This has included providing student immersion programs; conducting research and policy reports; developing free mobile education applications; developing websites; producing short films; creating and delivering a popular online course; and supporting academic and research collaborations

 We help young people to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive in the future that will be very different from today. Our work is focused on 21st skills for the future (technical, social and emotional skills) to enable people to succeed in an increasingly interconnected and technological society.


Communication is at the foundation of IndoGenius work because all other skills inherently entail communication. This includes listening skills, asking questions, and responding appropriately.



Creativity involves the generation of new ideas, alternatives, or possibilities resulting in new and effective ways of solving problems, communicating with others, and relating to ourselves and others

Critical Thinking

Our work and programmes actively refrain from taking any particular information, opinion – or even environment – at face value and instead considers the context and vantage point.


Collaboration offers immediate feedback and diversifies experiences and understandings in a unique way. Therefore, all IndoGenius workshops contain collaborative activities and learnings.

Our approach

Immersion Programs

Whether an Undergraduate student or a seasoned executive, you cannot fully understand India’s contemporary relevance without an expert-led in-country experience


Research Projects

Our expertise extends most specifically to higher education and research in India, especially international science, technology and innovation collaboration.


Strategic Initiatives

IndoGenius engages in a range of carefully selected strategic initiatives which make it easier for the international and academic communication, as well as government agencies, to collaborate with India.

Our partners

Our projects

Why India

Many agree that two of the rising trends of the coming decades are the re-emergence of Asia and technological change. India is at the heart of both trends.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected – knowing more about this extraordinary country is relevant to your career. To understand what we mean, view our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) trailer. This 8-week course is produced for Passport to India in association with the Ohio State University and features interviews with dozens of leading academics, professionals and young people in India and the US.



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